How poligrafo Changes the Method of Knowing the Truth

Every day people came across stressful situations that lead them to lie. Oftentimes in order for them to be saved and free from all the accusations, they are forced to lie for their own sake. This should be not the case because how can we get justice if we don’t know the truth? In oldest time, people discovered that there are physiological changes in a person when he or she tells a lie or even denies a lie. Like for example, he or she turns red when being asked. There are also other ways on how people find out the truth and that is when they submit that person into interrogation and punishment just to force them to say the whole truth. The good thing is, now that people use technology for Poligrafo them to find out if the person is really telling the truth or not.


A special machine that helps people know if someone is telling the truth or not
This special machine that is referred in this article is the poligrafo. This special machine is now mostly used by people all around the world for interrogation purposes. There is actually a process to follow when a person wanted to use this. But you have to remember that any person who will undergo this test should not be forced, and he or she must sign a consent. Consent that he or she understands the process and that he or she really submits himself or herself for this. So the first process is the preliminary process. This is where they prepare the person to be interviewed. They will explain everything that will take place during this exam. They will also give some special examinations to test and analyze the behavior of the person. The next step would be testing the apparatus. In this process, they will give out 10-12 questions that can be answerable by yes or no. Before this process is done, the examiner should be able to establish a good baseline data such as physiological changes in a person. And the last step is the final interview where the examiner makes sure to clarify the physiological changes that take over during a specific question.
With this special machine, it has changed a lot of misconception and a lot of innocent people are given a chance to really be free and those who are convicted are given the justice that they deserved.

Few Tricks to help you

• Fusion Hexagram – this item is not currently available but you can still purchase it when it shows up in the store. Once it becomes available, get your hands on it and use it to build in order to fuse monsters together. In fusing monsters, of course they become new monsters and not upgraded type of the fused ones. The new made monster will have a higher rarity rating than the monsters you fused together
• Awakening Monsters – when you awaken your monsters, it will change the name and its form. In order for you to wake them up, you need specific items like essences, which varies depending on the monster you find. Press the awaken button and select the monster to see the essences necessary. After you got them, come back and you can now awaken them without the necessary required levels of the cards.

• Ruins – After finishing the Kabir Ruins, you will now have access to the Cairos Dungeon. This dungeon contains a lot of good stuff like essences to awaken some monsters, rare runes and other unique items only found in this dungeon. There are also limited time dungeons inside that you can challenge to get big bonuses and experiences or mana. However, you need to gear up before challenging it because this dungeon is one of the most difficult inside the Summoner Wars Hack
• Changing essences – do you have a lot of low rarity essences and you want to change them into high rarity ones? You need to purchase the Fuse Center first and you can now do the changes. 2 low rarity essences can be fused together and make medium essences, and two of these medium ones could be combined to get the high rarity ones. The higher the rarity level of the monster, the higher rare essences you will also need.